Life Church New Orleans (LCNO), formerly known as Spirit and Truth Family Worship Center, begin in June 2008. The ministry was launched as a result of a vision and prophetic mandate that God gave our Lead Pastor, Maize Warren, Jr. Throughout the seven year history of the ministry, God has been leading and guiding us during each phase of our church growth and development. As we embarked upon the commencement of the eighth year of the ministry, God has directed us to embrace a season of new beginnings. Through intense prayer and fasting, God led our Lead Pastor to change the name of the church to Life Church New Orleans. The motto of the church is: “Love God, Love People, Love Life.”

Since the initial launch of the ministry, LCNO has given exponentially and currently hosts six worship services in three campuses. God exceeded our expectations and supernaturally positioned us to help restore positive channels of influence to the New Orleans and Baton Rouge communities. Through our outreach programs, we have been able to donate food and clothes to local shelters, sponsor health fairs and provide health and wellness resources to the community. We also engage in community evangelism every week. God has blessed us to be an edifice of spiritual refuge for the lost and the hurting and be instrumental in revitalizing the communities He has commissioned us to serve. Today, over 1,400 people call Life Church New Orleans their home.