People into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ is our core purpose. We will not lose sight of our posture as leaders of a thriving community of believers who are committed to fulfilling their destiny in the Kingdom of God.


Obstacles and difficulties in life is our objective for every believer. God never promised that we will not experience hardship in life; but He did promise an abundant life in His Son, Jesus Christ. We will be known as the church of overcomers.


In Jesus Christ can be achieved by continuous and fervent prayer. We recognize the power and necessity of praying and seeking God’s direction at every stage of our church’s growth and development. Prayer will always be a priority in our ministry.


Honors God and we will strive for excellence in all that we do. We desire to exceed the expectations of those we serve and always find new ways to improve in ministry. Our commitment to excellence and demonstration of excellence will draw unsaved people to be more receptive to hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.


For Christ is an essential teaching of our ministry. When we live for Christ we allow Christ to be the center of our lives. We are a God-focused and future-focused church. We commit to always yield to God’s will for our ministry.


And accountability will dominate our leadership and actions. We believe that God’s provision is released when we apply the principles of Biblical integrity. We will minister and serve God’s people with compassion and respect. We will live a life that is set apart and made Holy in Jesus Christ so that the world may know Him.


And confidence in God is essential to the Christian life. We believe that you can build your life by building your faith. We will be relentless in teaching God’s people to build and exercise their faith. We believe that when we work our faith, we will begin to witness God’s limitless power in our lives.


Every person to fulfill their God-given destiny is our focus. We will build a community of growing disciples in Jesus Christ that are committed to evangelizing the lost and living a life of purpose.